PG | MD | MS | PG DIPLOMA MEDICAL COURSES Direct Admissions 2019

Post Graduate Medical Courses
Some Important Diploma Courses

DM – Clinical Pharmacology Direct Admissions
DM – Clinical Haematology Direct Admissions
DM – Pulmonary Medicine Direct Admissions
DM – Neuro Radiology Direct Admissions
DM – Nephrology Direct Admissions
DM – Neonatology Direct Admissions
DM – Oncology Direct Admissions
DM – Gastroenterology Direct Admissions
DM – Cardiology Direct Admissions
DM – Neurology Direct Admissions
DM – Rheumatology Direct Admissions
DM – Endocrinology Direct Admissions
DM – Clinical Immunology Direct Admissions
DM – Pul. Med. & Critical Care Med. Direct Admissions
DM – Cardiac-Anaes. Direct Admissions
DM – Haematology Pathology/Hematopthology Direct Admissions
DM – Critical Care Medicine Direct Admissions
DM – Paediatric Hepatology Direct Admissions
DM – Neuro Anaesthesia Direct Admissions
DM – Paediatric Nephrology Direct Admissions
DM – Reproductive Medicine Direct Admissions
DM – Infectious Disease Direct Admissions
DM – Virology Direct Admissions
DM – Paediatric Oncology Direct Admissions
DM – Geriatric Mental Health Direct Admissions
DM – Paediatric Anaesthesia Direct Admissions
DM – Medical Genetics Direct Admissions
DM – Hepatology Direct Admissions
M.Ch – Hepato Pancreato Biliary Surgery Direct Admissions
M.Ch – Urology/Genito-Urinary Surgery Direct Admissions
M.Ch. – Hand & Micro Surgery Direct Admissions
M.Ch.(Burns & Plastic Surgery) Direct Admissions
M.Ch – Endocrine Surgery Direct Admissions
M.Ch – Oncology Direct Admissions
M.Ch – Vascular Surgery Direct Admissions
M.Ch – Cardio Thoracic Surgery Direct Admissions
M.Ch – Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery Direct Admissions
M.Ch – Neuro Surgery Direct Admissions
M.Ch – Paediatric Surgery Direct Admissions
M.Ch – Plastic Surgery Direct Admissions
M.Ch – Surgical Gastroenterology/G.I. Surgery Direct Admissions
M.Ch – Surgical Oncology Direct Admissions
M.Ch – Thoracic Surgery Direct Admissions
M.Ch – Urology Direct Admissions
Ph.D – Bio- Chemistry Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Microbiology Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Pathology Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Forensic Medicine Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Anaesthesia Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Bio-Statistics Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Bio-Technology Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Cardiology Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Community Medicine Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Dermatology & Venereology Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Endocrinology & Metabolism Direct Admissions
Ph. D – ENT Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Gastro & Human Nutrition Unit Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Gastrointestinal Surgery Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Hospital Administration Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Haematology Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Histo Compatibility & Immunogenetics Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Lab Medicine Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Medical Oncology Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Medical Physics Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Medicine Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Nephrology Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Neurology Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Neuro Surgery Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Neuro Magnetic Resonance Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Nuclear Medicine Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Obst. & Gynae Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Ocular Bio Chemistry Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Ocular Microbiology Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Ocular Phramacology Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Orthopaedics Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Paediatric Surgery Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Paediatric Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Psychiatry Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Radiotherapy Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Radio Diagnosis Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Surgery Direct Admissions
Ph. D – Urology Direct Admissions
Ph.D – Ph.D in Medical Biochemistry Direct Admissions
Diploma in Anesthesia Direct Admissions
Diploma in Child Health Direct Admissions
Diploma in Community Medicine Direct Admissions
Diploma in Clinical Pathology Direct Admissions
Diploma in Dermatology Direct Admissions
Diploma in Diabetology Direct Admissions
Diploma in Forensic Medicine Direct Admissions
Diploma in Health Administration Direct Admissions
Diploma in Hospital Administration Direct Admissions
Diploma in Health Education Direct Admissions
Diploma in Bacteriology Direct Admissions
Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology Direct Admissions
Diploma in Industrial Hygiene Direct Admissions
Diploma in Immuno-Haematology and Blood Transfusion Direct Admissions
Diploma in Leprosy Direct Admissions
Diploma in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology Direct Admissions
Diploma in Radio-Diagnosis Direct Admissions
Diploma in Radio Therapy Direct Admissions
Diploma in Medical Virology Direct Admissions
Diploma in Occupational Health Direct Admissions
Diploma in Ophthalmology Direct Admissions
Diploma in Orthopaedics Direct Admissions
Diploma in Public Health Direct Admissions
Diploma in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Direct Admissions
Diploma in Psychological Medicine Direct Admissions
Diploma in Radiation Medicine Direct Admissions
Diploma in Sports Medicine Direct Admissions
Diploma in Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases Direct Admissions
Diploma in Tropical Medicine Health Direct Admissions
Diploma in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy Direct Admissions
Diploma in Venereology Direct Admissions
Diploma in Paediatrics Direct Admissions
Diploma – Aviation Medicine Direct Admissions
Diploma in Cardiology Direct Admissions
Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Anatomy) Direct Admissions
Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Physiology) Direct Admissions
Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Pharmacology) Direct Admissions
Diploma in Maternity & Child Welfare Direct Admissions
Diplom -Diploma V & D Direct Admissions
Diploma – Diploma – OLO – Rhino-Laryngology Direct Admissions
Diploma – Diploma in Medical Radio-Diagnosis Direct Admissions
Diploma in Medical Radioligy & Electrology Direct Admissions
Diploma – Diploma in Pathology & Bacteriology Direct Admissions
Diploma- Plastic Surgery Direct Admissions
Diploma- Urology Direct Admissions
Diploma-Diplomate N.B.(Gen.Surg.) Direct Admissions
Diploma in Microbiology Direct Admissions
Dip. in Path.& Bact. Direct Admissions
Diploma in Industrial Health Direct Admissions
Diploma in Medical Radio Electrology Direct Admissions
Diploma (Marine Medicine) Direct Admissions
DM – Infectious Diseases Direct Admissions
MD – Family Medicine Direct Admissions
MD – Radio Diagnosis/Radiology Direct Admissions
MD – Aviation Medicine/Aerospace Medicine Direct Admissions
MD – Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases / Pulmonary Direct Admissions
Medicine Direct Admissions
MD/MS – OphthalmologyDirect Admissions
MD/MS – Anatomy Direct Admissions
MD – Blood Banking & Immuno. Haem./Imm. Haem. &
Blood Trans. Direct Admissions
MD – Tropical Medicine Direct Admissions
MD – Maternity & Child Health Direct Admissions

MD – Pulmonary Medicine Direct Admissions
MD – CCM Direct Admissions
MD – P.S.M Direct Admissions
MD – TB & Chest Direct Admissions
MD – Skin & VD & Lepxsy Direct Admissions
MD – MD- Skin & VD Direct Admissions
MD – Sports Medicine Direct Admissions
MD/MS – Obstetrtics & Gynaecology Direct Admissions  Direct Admissions
MD-Transfusion Medicine Direct Admissions
MD – Immuno Haematology & Blood Transfusion Direct Admissions
MD – Medicine Direct Admissions
Doctor of Medicine Direct Admissions
Master’s of Physician Direct Admissions
MD – Pharmacology and Therapeutics Direct Admissions
MD – Pathology & Microbiology Direct Admissions
MD (Emergency Medicine) Direct Admissions
MD – R & D Direct Admissions
MD – Anaesthesiology Direct Admissions
MD – Anatomy Direct Admissions
MD – Aviation Medicine Direct Admissions
MD – Bio-Chemistry Direct Admissions
MD – Bio-Physics Direct Admissions
MD – Community Medicine Direct Admissions
MD – Dermatology Direct Admissions
MD – Forensic Medicine/Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Direct Admissions
MD – General Medicine Direct Admissions
MD – Community Health Administration Direct Admissions
MD – Geriatrics Direct Admissions
MD – Hospital Administration Direct Admissions
MD – Health Administration Direct Admissions
MD – Lab Medicine Direct Admissions
MD – Microbiology Direct Admissions
MD – Nuclear Medicine Direct Admissions
MD – Obstetrtics & Gynaecology Direct Admissions
MD – Ophthalmology Direct Admissions
MD – Paediatrics Direct Admissions
MD – Pathology Direct Admissions
MD – Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy Direct Admissions
MD – Pharmacology Direct Admissions
MD – Physiology Direct Admissions
MD – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Direct Admissions
MD – Psychiatry Direct Admissions
MD – Radio Diagnosis Direct Admissions
MD – Radiology Direct Admissions
MD – Radiothrapy Direct Admissions
MD – Social & Preventive Medicine / Community Medicine Direct Admissions
MD – Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases/Medicine Direct Admissions
MD – Venereology Direct Admissions
MS – Obstetrics and Gynaechology Direct Admissions
MS – Orthopaedics Direct Admissions
MS – Anatomy Direct Admissions
MS – ENT Direct Admissions
MS – General Surgery Direct Admissions
MS – Ophthalmology Direct Admissions
MS – Anaesthesia Direct Admissions
MS. – MS. Medicine Direct Admissions
MS – Neuro Surgery Direct Admissions
D.P.B (Pathology) Direct Admissions
F.C.P.S.(Medicine) Direct Admissions
F.C.P.S.(Pathology)  Direct Admissions
F.C.P.S.(Surgery) Direct Admissions
F.C.P.S.(Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy) Direct Admissions
F.C.P.S.(Mid. & Gynae) Direct Admissions
F.C.P.S.(Ophthalmology) Direct Admissions
M C P S Direct Admissions
Master of Hospital Administration Direct Admissions
M.Sc – Medical Pharmocology Direct Admissions
M.Sc – Medical Anatomy Direct Admissions
M.Sc – Medical Pathology Direct Admissions
M.Sc – Medical Bacteriology Direct Admissions
M.Sc – Bio-Physics Direct Admissions
M.Sc – Microbiology Direct Admissions
M.Sc – Anatomy Direct Admissions
M.Sc – Physiology Direct Admissions
M.Sc – Medical Bio-chemistry Direct Admissions
M.Sc – Pathology. Direct Admissions

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