Direct Admission International Medical Institute (IMI-KSMA) Kyrgyzstan

International Medical Institute (IMI-KSMA) Kyrgyzstan

Direct Admission International Medical Institute (IMI-KSMA) Kyrgyzstan

(Direct Admission) The International Medical Institute is one of the best who provides medical education in the Kyrgyzstan Republic. IMI is also one of the most dynamically expanding Institution who provides higher education in Central Asia. IMI has been formulated by mutual agreement between higher medical institutes in Kyrgyzstan and MUNIB (INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND BUSINESS). In IMI 526 extremely qualified teachers work to provide quality education, from 526 extremely qualified teachers 86 are professors and doctors of medical sciences, 315 associate professors, and claimants of medical sciences.

Programs offered by IMI:

General Medicine Program:
The duration of General Medicine Program is 5 years. The option of studying in English is also available.

Paediatrics Program:

The duration of Paediatrics Program is 6 years. The medium of study is only Russian

Pharmacy Program:

The duration of Pharmacy Program is 5 years. The medium of study is only Russian

Stomatology (Dentistry) Program

The duration of Stomatology (Dentistry) Program is 5 years. The medium of study is only Russian

Public Health Program:

The duration of study is 5 years. The medium of study is only Russian


Higher Nursing Education:

The duration of the Higher Nursing Education program is 5 years, on the basis of medical college education – 4 years. The medium of study is only Russian

Several advantages of pursuing medical from IMI:

Quality education:-The degree students get from IMI is well recognized in the whole world. Equipped with all the modern tech, IMI is famous for its well and quality education.

Cost effective:-With the low fee structure and high standard education, IMI becomes the first choice of the students.

Worldwide acceptance of the degree:-The degree that you recieve from IMI and the way of teaching By which you get all the knowledge are accepted worldwide and allow students to practice from any corner of the world.

Better Job Opportunities:-With worldwide acceptance of the degree, several job prospects are available for the students who is graduated from IMI.

Direct Admission Procedure International Medical Institute Kyrgyzstan

Admission requirements for Undergraduate Program:


  • The document of the basic education, equal to the state document on the general medium (cleared) degree or professional degree awarded in the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Least 50% rating scores in physics, chemistry, and biology
  • Should not have any serious health problems, which has to be officially approved by medical sources for higher educational institution in IMI
  • Admission fee
  • Bank statement

List of Necessary documents (originals)

  • Certificate of clearing secondary school
  • Passport with valid entry visa
  • Translation of all the original document with notification in Russian
  • Medical test reports
  • 6 photos (3×4)

Documents for Postgraduate Applicants:

  • Original Degree/diploma in higher medical education;
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Correctly filled Application form
  • Medical fitness test report

Tuition Fee

NOTE* The tuition fees need to pay in USD.

  • In International Medical Institute Kyrgyzstan (IMI), for the first year, students need to pay 6500 USD
  • In the upcoming year from 2nd to 6th-year, students need to pay 3000 USD per year as the tuition fee.
  • The total tuition fee that students need to pay throughout their year course is 18,400 USD.


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