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About Santosh University

The Santosh Medical/Dental College and Hospital is a premier educational institution for medicine and dentistry established in 1995 in Ghaziabad. It is one of the best colleges for medical and dental education located in Delhi NCR. The college has now moved to gain the stature of the best medical college and a top dental university in India. The complex runs on the triple mission of promoting service along with education and research.

The campus comprises top class and dedicated faculty who are both thoughtful and humanistic in their approaches. The upscale learning facilities as well as clinical experiences combine to come up with innovative learning methods, interdisciplinary focus and well-researched curriculum.

Our Vision

To be a leader in medical education, healthcare services and research.

About Santosh University

In 1995, the Santosh Medical/Dental Colleges and Hospitals came up as one of the top institutions in India to study medicine in Ghaziabad. The university has been offering an MBBS course since 1996 with a total intake of around 50 students per year. 2005 onwards, the course was recognised by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of India and the capacity of accepting a particular number of admissions was increased to 100. 20 years after its inception, the institute is considered as the best medical university, India.

In the same manner, Santosh Dental College started in 1995 with an aim of imparting a higher level education in dentistry. The institution offers a foundation course in BDS since 1996 by accepting about 40 students annually. But the number of admissions went up higher to 100 per year after 2005. It has now become the best dental university for higher education.

AFFILIATEDto Chaudhary Charan Singh University in 2007, the Santosh Medical/Dental Colleges are among the best institutes in Delhi NCR to pursue medical and dental education. Later on, the Central Government of India declared this modern temple of knowledge as deemed to be university recommended by the University Grants Commission.

Today, these colleges provide various post graduate courses in medicine and dentistry including M. Sc. and doctoral degrees under the umbrella of Santosh University with prior approval from both Medical and Dental Council of India. The university stands apart as a unique institution to deliver quality education, services towards the community and has become a centre of offering excellent facilities covering academic and infrastructure.


This centre for higher learning is run on the triple mission of service, education, and research. Apart from offering degrees, the University enables an environment of learning and discovery by educating biomedical students and healthcare professionals. It also creates an atmosphere to carry out research in health sciences and extensive healthcare.


Committed to fulfil its responsibilities, the University aims to prepare such future doctors who can be ethical, compassionate, caring, proficient and creative healthcare professionals as well as biomedical aspirants. It also conducts research that helps in advancing knowledge in the health sciences and eliciting new responses to meet the healthcare needs. Here, the students also learn to render the necessary patient care, adapt to change, hold accountability for outcomes, be respectful of others and tend to the needs of the vulnerable section of the society.





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