MGMCRI – Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Admission 2014




About the Dynamic Driving Force

MGMCRI – Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, is a leading medical institution in Pondicherry. Drawing its name from the great patriotic driving force, emancipator and Father of our Nation – Mahatma Gandhi, it stands upright, true to its lofty name and fame. Under affiliation to Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth, a Deemed University, MGMCRI offers an amicable and academically challenging environment with an excellent reputation for teaching quality, state-of-the-art study and treatment facilities by it supportive staff. Nationally commended for its academic contributions to professional health education, our Institution serves a highly unique and culturally diverse student body and upholds excellent quality standards, academic advancement and personal growth among its students.

Our Beautiful Location and Surroundings

Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute stands strikingly as an architectural beauty, with its massive structures on the east coast road, at Pillaiyarkuppam, between Puducherry and Cuddalore. Strategically located on the NH-45A National Highway, very close to Cuddalore town and 14 kms from Puducherry, it provides a gamut of medical services to the numerous urban and rural public in the surroundings.

Puducherry, now an educational hub, tracing its past to the French culture and architecture, breathtaking backwater scapes, colourful shopping arcades. streets, beach promenade for a nice stroll and sea breeze, gastronomic delights, wealth of tourist sites viz., Auroville, Aurobindo Ashram, Manakkula Vinayakar Temple, attract more number of tourists than any other city in south India.

A visionary and trend-setter Shri. M. K. Rajagopalan, Chancellor is the founder and innovator who loves challenging tasks. He believes that a vision backed with a strong commitment and dedicated efforts can make things happen, transform lives and change the world we live in. His pioneering venture in the Union Territory of Pondicherry introduced 6 colleges, setting a dynamic trend in the field of professional education. His endeavours paved the way for others to follow him and today Puducherry boasts more number of professional colleges than any other State for its area and population. His unquenched zeal for educational promotion brought a boon to Chennai too, one more milestone with the birth of SSSMC&RI in 2008.

The Institution is headed by Prof. D. R. Gunasekaran M. S. (Sur), Vice-Chancellor, Balaji Vidyapeeth University.

MCI Recognition & Government Approval 

Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute has been recognized by Medical Council of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi and the Government of Puducherry for conducting Under-graduate and Post-graduate Medical Courses

UGC Approval & University Status

Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, is proud to have been recognized for its successes, achieving the highest possible Deemed University status conferred by University Grants Commission, New Delhi, embracing the domain Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University.

FAIMER Enlistment

Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute has been enlisted in the most referred FAIMER International Medical Education Directory published by Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research, USA.

Core Services

Patient Services, Adult and Paediatric patient care – Each year, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Hospital treats more than 4,60,000 adults and children patients, with its highly professional and dedicated team of physicians, surgeons, nurses, assistants, and fully equipped and well maintained departments.

  • The out-patient services daily handles approximately 1300 patients on an average.
  • Housing a 750 in-patient beds, the general wards are spacious, adequately ventilated and illuminated with an occupancy rate presently at about 85%.
  • The hospital provides casualty and emergency medical services round the clock, along with fully-equipped ambulance service.
  •  A 24-hours blood bank is in a state of readiness to develop into a full-fledged department of transfusion medicine.
  • Varieties of minor and major surgical procedures are performed in 10 state-of-the-art OTs. Closed-circuit televisions are provided for medical students to view various operative procedures from outside the operation theatres.
  • Our intensive care units are equipped with essential critical care equipments and cater to the special needs of critically ill patients.
  • The hospital is endowed with advanced equipment such as Cath Lab, spiral CT, MRI, fully automated random access blood chemistry analyzer, chemiluminescence analyzer, treadmill, computerized RCG, and a flexible fibreoptic bronchoscopy unit.
  • Haemodialysis, neonatal ventilators, PUVA photochemotherapy, biofeedback, and sinus endoscopy procedures are part of our therapeutic armamentarium.

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Optimum Patient Care & Master Health Check Up

Our Hospital houses a well infrastructured and fully air-conditioned Master Health Check Up Centre for optimum Patient Care, offering range of incredibly affordable packages covering routine Blood & Urine Tests, E.C.G, X-Ray, Treadmill, Pulmonary Function Test, Ultra sonography with Colour Doppler along with the latest imported CT Scan and MRI facilities. Our qualified and well trained technicians handle each case meticulously to give the most reliable reports.

Auxiliary Services

Our core medical services are backed with and supported by streamlined and efficient auxiliary services. The Medical Records Department is fully computerized, fast and competent. The pharmacy at MGMCRI is well-stocked and ensures that the patients get to purchase medications within the campus. Our sophisticated Central Sterile Supplies Department (CSSD) caters to the sterilization needs of the entire hospital. The central kitchen maintains a high standard of hygiene, and functions under the direct supervision of an experienced dietician.
Other ancillary services include a laundry and central gas station. A proficient housekeeping team supervises the sanitation of the entire campus. The hospital has its own advanced waste management system, which includes an incineration plant and a modern sewage treatment plant to handle bio-medical and other wastes In an eco-friendly manner. Under the effective guidance of the Department of Community Medicine, our medical students are taught to take healthcare to the masses, through outreach programs.

Academic & Research activities

All academic activities of the faculty members are co-ordinated by the Scientific and Academic Forum of MGMCRI. This forum organizes scientific meetings once a month.

Biomedical research receives high priority at MGMCRl. Our institution liaison with governmental and non-governmental organizations for research grants. All research activities are supported and co-ordinated by the Research Committee of MGMCRl.

Community Services

Our institution subscribes to the view that outreach healthcare programs are a boon to the community and society at large. True to its commitment to public health, MGMCRl conducts 2 free medical camps every month for underprivileged rural population. In addition, we have 1 established Rural Health Centre at Seliamedu and 1 Urban Health Centre at Ariyankuppam. In appreciation of our healthcare services, the Government of Puducherry has allotted 2 Primary Health Centres, one at Kirumampakkam and the other at Nettapakkam.

Our educational philosophy

Our full-fledged Hospital offers vast and varied clinical material to all our students to gain exposure and suitable academic training along with in-depth knowledge for practical professional development. At MGMCRI, strong emphasis in laid on implementation of the undergraduate medical curriculum involving bed-side clinical training. A humane and holistic approach to healthcare is practiced, taught and imposed on all levels. Emphasis is on moulding a ‘complete’ physician who will cure the ‘patient’ and not just treat the ‘disease’. In addition, our students are taught to be competent and well-versed in conventional and advanced medical setups.

Pedagogic Infrastructure

MGMCRI conducts every lecture, academic program and conference in world-class lecture theatres. All these lecture halls are air-conditioned, spacious and are equipped with computers and a complete set of basic and advanced audio-visual aids, including the ubiquitous LCD projector. Many of the undergraduate lectures are woven around interesting PowerPoint presentations. These facilities make the teaching-learning process a stimulating and enjoyable experience for our students.

Resourceful Personnel

All departments at MGMCRI, have qualified, experienced and learned faculty as per the norms laid down by the Medical Council of India. They are well-versed in the appropriate use of various teaching-learning methods and media. The quality of medical education at MGMCRI is constantly monitored and upgraded by a dedicated Medical Education Unit. This unit ensures that our students receive optimal training in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. Our institution regularly deputes its faculty members to attend training programs in medical education technology such as the National Course on Educational Science for Health Professionals conducted by NTTC, JIPMER, Puducherry and the Educational Leadership Development Program of the PSG-FAIMER Regional Institute, Coimbatore. Apart from these activities, the Medical Education Unit of MGMCRI conducts periodic in-house training programs including microteaching sessions to ensure that our medical teachers stay in touch with recent advances in medical education.

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Innovative Teaching learning methods

Our study programs and teaching methods are in line with international standards and continuously undergo self-evaluation and self-improvement by means of internal and external quality validation. Among our faculty and staff we give emphasis to qualities as innovation, flexibility and a continuous sense of advancement.

Students and Research

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) conducts Short Term Research Studentship Program in order to promote interest and aptitude for research among medical undergraduates. According to the program’s mission statement, “the main objective of this program is to provide an opportunity to undergraduate medical students to familiarize themselves with research methodology and techniques by being associated for a short duration with their senior’s ongoing research program or by undertaking independent projects.” We ensure that the students at MGMCRI get opportunities to participate in these ICMR projects.

Futuristic Approach

MGMCRI desires to remain competitive in the world’s rapid march towards IT-enabled medical education. Our faculty members are already aware of how modern and powerful computer technology can be used to enhance the quality of medical education. With a steadily expanding infrastructure, we are poised to take on the demands and challenges involved in the implement of advanced electronic pedagogical techniques such as e-learning, web-based/ computer-based learning.

Students Welfare

An elaborate Orientation Program for First Year Medical Students helps to allay the anxiety and concerns in the minds of the freshers. This program includes an interactive session wherein the new students and their parents are permitted to discuss their concerns with senior administrative officers. A presentation on medical student’s well-being and stress management is a component of this program. Students’ welfare is of paramount importance at our institution. MGMCRI realizes that the maintenance and promotion of the physical and mental health of the student community is as important as imparting knowledge and skills. The Students Welfare Committee closely supervises the well-being of our medical students. Counselling services are available for students experiencing adjustment problems.

The administration has regular liaision with the parents of the students with regard to the well-being of their wards.

Basic Amenities and Facilities

Excellent arrangements for food, accommodation, transport, communication and banking make MGMCRI a “home away from home” for our students. The MGMCRI campus offers separate hostels for men and women. These hostels are located in a serene environment, close to the college and hospital blocks. The rooms are comfortable, spacious, air-conditioned and well-ventilated. Exclusive hostel wardens oversee the well-being of the students. Our institute has its own fleet of buses for safe and quick transport of the students and staff. Students have access to a full-fledged gymnasium.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to the core medical curriculum, our students receive a healthy exposure to extracurricular activities. MGMCRI believes that promotion of special talents and participation in extracurricular pursuits are vital components of personality development. The college conducts Talentia, a spectacular interclass competition comprising sports and literary events, apart from various cultural and fine arts activities such as music, dance, and drama, once a year. In addition, our students participate regularly in other inter-college sports and cultural contests conducted by other frontline medical colleges. The students within the campus have access to essential sports equipment, indoor and outdoor games, and a well-equipped music room. When the student needs a break from campus life and the stress of medical education, the city of Puducherry offers numerous getaways. A relaxing walk along the seaside promenade, and an exhilarating boat-ride in the backwaters, are some of the popular options. Puducherry is home to many historical temples and grand cathedrals subtle, yet strong inspiration to the students and faculty.

The MCMCRI College Song:

The official MGMCRI College Song is tided “Torches for tomorrow”. Soon after admission into the MBBS course, each student will receive a copy of the college song on audio CD. In this song, the students express feelings of reverence and gratitude towards their alma mater. The lyrics of the college anthem are designed to inspire & kindle the institutional spirit among our students & staff and infuse in them a feeling of love & respect for MGMCRI. The college song is played back and /or performed live by student’s choir, at all our annual college and campus events, such as graduation day and the annual sports and cultural festival. The MGMCRI college song is intended to play a significant role in the progress of this institution.


Eligibility Criteria

No candidates shall be allowed to be admitted to the medical curriculum of first Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) course unit.

  1. He/she shall complete the age of 17 years on or before 31st December, of the year of admission to the MBBS course.
  2. He/she has passed qualifying examination as under:
    1. Candidates passing the examination in piece-meal (compartmental) are not eligible for admission.
    2. The higher secondary examination or the Indian School Certificate which in equivalent to 10+2 Higher Secondary Examination after a period of 12 years study, the last two years of study comprising of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and mathematics or any other elective subjects with English at a level not less than core course of English as prescribed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) after the introduction of the 10+2+3 years educational structure as recommended by the National Committee of Education.

Note: Where the course content is not as prescribed for 10+2 education structure of the National Committee the candidates will have to undergo a period of one year pre-professional training before admission to the Medical colleges.


The intermediate examination in sciences of an Indian University/Board or other recognized examining body with Physics, Chemistry and Biology which shall include a practical test in these subjects and also English as a compulsory subject.


The pre-professional/pre-medical examination with Physics, Chemistry and Biology, after passing either the higher secondary school examination, or the pre-university or an equivalent examination. The pre-professional/pre-medical examination shall include a practical test in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and also English as a compulsory subject.


The first year of three years degree course of a recognized university, with Physics, Chemistry and Biology including a practical test in three subjects provided the examination is a “University Examination” and candidate has passed 10+2 with English at a level not less than a core course.


B.Sc. examination of an Indian University, provided that he/she has passed the B.Sc. examination with not less than two of the following subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany, Zoology) and further that he/she has passed the earlier qualifying examination with the following subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.


Any other examination which, in scope and standard is found to be  equivalent to the intermediate science examination of an Indian University/Board, taking Physics, Chemistry and Biology, including practical test in each of these subjects and English.

Selection of Students:

The selection of students to medical college shall be based solely on merit of the candidate.

Procedure for SELECTION to MBBS course


  1. In case of admission on the basis of qualifying examination under clause (1) based on merit, candidate for admission to MBBS course must have passed in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English individually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the qualifying examination in respect of candidates belonging to scheduled cases, scheduled tribes or other backward classes, the marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Biology taken together in qualifying examination be 40% instead of 50% as above.
  2. In case of admission on the basis of competitive entrance examination a candidate must have passed in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English individually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% of marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the qualifying examination as mentioned in clause (2) of regulation 4 and in addition much have figured in the merit list prepared as a result of such competitive entrance examination by securing not less than 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology competitive examination. In respect of candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe or other Backward Class the marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Biology taken together in qualifying examination and competitive entrance examination be 40% instead of 50% as stated above. Provided that a candidate who has appeared in the qualifying examination the result of which has not been declared, he/she may be provisionally permitted to take up the competitive entrance examination and in case of selection for admission to the MBBS course, he/she shall not be admitted to that course until he fulfills the eligibility criteria.

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NRI Admission

The percentage of NRI students to be admitted for MBBS shall not exceed 15% of total intake.

The following guidelines shall be followed for admission to NRI students.

  1. Admission to the NRI seats may be made on the basis of the marks in the qualifying examination.
  2. NRI financially supporting the candidate must be a blood relative such as Father / Mother / Brother / Sister / Uncle / Aunt only.
  3. Applicant for admission under NRI Quota shall not have completed 21 years of age as on the 1st of July of that respective academic year.
  4. Candidate must furnish the photocopies of the following supporting documents:
    1. NRI Status Certificate of the financial supporter issued by the Embassy of respective country under their seal.
    2. NRI Bank Account Pass Book of the financial supporter
    3. Passport of the Financial Supporter
    4. Nativity Certificate of the Financial Supporter


  • The pre-medical course may be conducted either at Medical College, or a Science College
  • Marks obtained in Mathematics are not be considered for admission to MBBS course

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  1. Migration of students from one medical college to another medical college in Indian shall be granted only in exceptional cases to the most deserving among the application for good and sufficient reasons and not on routine grounds. The number of students migrating to / from any one medical college shall be kept to the minimum which shall in any case not exceed the limit of 5% of its sanctioned intake in one academic year. There shall be no migration on any ground from one medical college to another located in the same city.
  2. Migration of students from one college to another is permissible only if both the colleges are recognized by the Central Government under section 11(2) of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 and further subject to the condition that it shall not result in increase in the sanctioned intake capacity for the academic year concerned in respect of the receiving medical college.
  3. The applicant candidate shall be eligible to apply for migration only after qualifying in the first professional MBBS examination. Migration during clinical course of study shall not be allowed on any grounds.
  4. For the purpose of migration, an applicant shall first obtain ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the college where he/she is studying for the present, the University to which it is affiliated to, the college to which migration is sought and the University to which that college is affiliated to. He/she shall submit his/her application for migration within a period of one month of passing (declaration of results) of the first professional MBBS Examination along with the said ‘No Objection Certificate’ to the Director, Medical Education of the State where the college / institution, including Deemed Universities to which migration is sought is situated or to the Head of the Institution in case migration is sought to a Central Government institution. The Director, Medical Education of the State concerned or the Head of the Central Government Institution as the case may be, shall take a final decision in the matter as to whether or not to allow migration in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations and communicate the same to the applicant student within a period of one month from the date of receipt of the request for migration.
  5. A student who has joined another college on migration shall be eligible to appear in the 2nd professional MBBS examination only after obtaining the minimum attendance in that college in the subjects, lectures, seminars, etc., required for appearing in the examination prescribed under Regulation 12(1).


  1. The University will frame appropriate guidelines for grant of No Objection Certificate or migration, as the case may be, to the students subject to provisions of these regulations.
  2. Any request for migration not covered under the provisions of these Regulations shall be referred to the Medical Council of India for consideration on individual merits by the Director (Medical Education) of the State or the Head of Central Government institution concerned. The decision taken by the Council on such requests shall be final.
  3. The College / Institutions shall send intimation to the Medical Council of India about the number of students admitted by them on migration within one month of their joining. It shall be open to the Council to undertake verification of the compliance of the provisions of the regulations governing migration by the colleges at any point of time.



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